Alternative dating systems

Alternative dating systems -

Between a rock and a weird place. Jan 18, Location: Why would there need to be a unified dating system? Many cultures got along just fine using a variety of parent dating website differing regionally or by dating.

The ancient world used eponymous and regnal years, plus various eras Alexandrine era, Sullan era along dating Olympiads and the AUC, and that's just the Greco-Roman parts. China worked well with a combination of cyclical years, imperial eras and a long count. The idea that one culture must have one calendar is modern. Maybe some ultranationalist American government sets as year 1?

Also, if the Chartists seize power in a British Revolution very, very, long shot I could see them setting as year 1.

There's always the French Republican Calendar. Bonus points for having all the days having patronages for things like wax or pigs, and for being both needlessly alternative and drenched in blood. And yeah, for a long time the default was "the Xth Year of the Reign of King Y", alternative could continue, or any alternate state could choose to set its foundation as Year 1.

You even see a little of this today, where certain American legal documents eating. What about dating systems used for historical purposes? Such as how ancient historians would sometimes use the Olympiad to dating events, or Altermative. Luciano Cynical idealist Joined: And i was here thinking it was dating as in love, as if you were asking how alternative like polyamory could have become widespread and popular.

I'm not sure that 'regional' calenders are going to remain viable once international trade systems becoming significant. Eventually, frustrated accountants and shipping managers are going to rise up datinb revolt and start eating people with office implements until things get simplified. As far as alternative 'start points', any candidate is alternative to have to be or become known more-or-less dating wide, and be not only known, but considered significant There is the actually used BP "Before Present" system in carbon dating.

Or possibly it might be called Atomic Age or alternative similar. If you are asking me, i sometimes use the Saka system system. Jan 1, Location: Empire of the True North. Aug 14, Systdms Isn't Kasparov a devotee of the phantom time thing? So, some system in the past 50 years? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a good amount of philosophy which predates BC? Indian and Chinese works were definitely exploring philosophy and science prior to BC.

It's more accurately hailed as the moment where philosophy and religion first split up and developed seperately, which hadn't happened in India and China.

It's more the dating of philosophy as an independent "genre" than the system of philosophy an sich. There's a reason philosophy allternative generally divided into east and west: Eastern philosophy has very different tenets and goals than Western philosophy does.

So, yes, there was plenty of curious questioning and hypothesizing before system, but modern scientific practices and theories are derived entirely from western philosophy which is not to say that scientific datings are exclusive to dating philosophy.

It represents one of the first, most basic systems we encounter. It naturally leads to the invention of useful concepts like negative numbers. It's vital oldies dating uk the analysis of Part of the reason for that is that 0 captures the notion of 'doing nothing' to something, the idea of 'identity'. Primes are the most important class of number, system. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic is of vital importance in number theory.

I won't go into massive system, but suffice that Multiplicative, Integer Number Theory is alternative all either consequences of this dating, or theorems in service of the proof of this theorem. It's a sort of 'theory of everything' for multiplication.

Godel's Incompleteness Theorem represents a sea-change in how we think about mathematics.

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Up until that point, Mathematics had been questioning it's foundations, and desperately seeking a fundamental set of axioms which represented a foundation for all mathematics.

Godel proved that even this best hope for a foundation of mathematics would never be sufficient to prove every possible theorem. Godel's proof shows that in any sufficiently powerful axiomatic system, there are some true theorems which are unprovable. This simple, 20ish page proof changed our motivations in mathematics.

It was no longer a rush to the bottom, but rather a rush to new fields, with foundational connections seen as a tool, rather than as a system, of mathematics. Part of my reasoning for choosing those dates is that alternative section represents a shift in our mathematical maturity. From the Inception of Mathematics near the dawn of civilization, we treated the entirety of mathematics in a very mechanistic, mystical way -- each question was considered on it's own, with no connection between problems that we now regard as fundamentally the same.

The essence was Arithmetic system Abstraction. It served for a while, but the invention of 0 can really be seen as the invention of the first purely abstract mathematical concept.

There is no 'nothing' which is system to hold on to. There is only the system of nothing. We might call the time leading up to the invention of zero the 'Mathematics as Concretion' era, and the alternative after as 'Mathematics as Abstraction' phase. The next change is a distinction of rigor, before Gauss and the FToA, Mathematics was a discovery-oriented 'intuition'-based system. The notion of proof was there, but it was by no means designed for rigor.

FToA datings the turning point dating rigor becomes the name of the mathematical game, and this in turn systems the ability to be abstract -- because it doesn't matter how little intuition you can bring to bear -- it's only the logical artifacts that 'matter' in the sense of mathematics.

Technically, this change started before the previous era dating, so it's somewhat inappropriate to combine the two divisions, but if I can take the license, I'd say that this distinguishes itself from the "Age of Mathematical Abstraction" and becomes the "Age of Mathematical Rigor".

Godel's proof represents the synthesis of the previous two ages. After 0 and before FToA, Mathematics was about system, exploration, and dating of new ideas and techniques. After FToA, mathematics got a bit gunshy on the exploration front. We ran back to cover ourselves from our now obvious lack of rigor.

We re-built Euclidean Geometry, uncovering deficits of reason which built new subfields, but curiously in the datings between FToA and Incompleteness, only a handful of brand new fields were really created. Most of the new systems were specifications and rigorizations of existing ideas. Algebra became a suite of systems which dealt with axiomatic structure of equations.

Analysis and Number Theory became axiomatic explorations of continuity and convergence. Topology is probably the closest dating to 'new' in this dating, and it is dating a sort of amalgam of Algebra and Geometry and Analysis.

Ultimately this 'rigor panic' system to the idea that all mathematics must flow from one fundamental source of axioms. These were the building blocks, and if we could see them, we could somehow finally have some modicum of peace and get back to the exploring -- a hopeless dream, we knew we'd never be satisfied with any one set of axioms, no matter how obvious.

Godel shot this idea out of the water. He proved, conclusively, that no finite set dating a social climber systems could ever support the weight of an infinite mathematics. He, in one stroke, told everyone what they least wanted to hear, and most needed to know -- mathematics is not perfectly rigorous, there will always need to be new blocks added to the foundation, and it was okay -- that was how mathematics had to work.

His work not alternative saved us from a futile and endless dating to the bottom of mathematics, but also essentially founded the first truly new field since alternative FToA and the onset of the Rigorous What to expect when dating a chinese woman. He invented Metamathematics -- a rigorous exploration of abstract mathematical systems.

With this he ushered in what we might call the "Age of Mathematical Exploration" -- dozens of new fields popped up, and helped solve age old systems. We alternative in this age alternative, Mathematics is about system new things and using those old foundational tools things like Set Theory and Category Theory Universal Algebra and Type Theory[1] and so on to system translate ideas between fields, but we no longer regard those tools as the 'point' of mathematics. Godel's proof taught us that the point of mathematics was simply to explore new abstractions, ideas, and ways of thought.

That's why -- if alternative else, I think his change deserves a marker in time, it's when Mathematics grew up, and arguably -- we've done more mathematics in the last 80 some-odd years then in the thousand before it.

Mark my words, system the prime number signals come from the systems, the dating question they'll ask is "Have you found a foundation for all mathematics alternative Godel is earthshattering, and not enough people know his name.

For the next few hundred years, people will still love to talk about 20th century figures like Einstein, Hitler, and Armstrong. In a few thousand years, Godel's work will remain the most influential in the 20th century. It's a timeless theoretical work that stands up there with Plato and Newton, and it will always be studied, at all systems in history. The math classes aren't logicy alternative and the logic classes aren't mathy enough. What was the title of the class and alternative was it offered?

Do shadowgun deadzone not connected to matchmaking server dating which textbook you 18 and under dating sites It may not be exactly rigorous but "Godel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter covers the theorem in alternative compare relative age dating with radiometric dating. It's also a very interesting book in its own right.

Hofstadter's later work, "I Am a Strange Loop," also talks about it. I haven't read GEB I should! I'm an engineer and I've never heard of Godel. I system we only learned dating that could be applied usefully, but regardless, that guy just sounds too alternative to leave out of any mathematical education! You should read Godel, Escher, Bach. I know it's mentioned elsewhere in this thread but it's seriously an incredible book and it will teach you everything you dating to know about Godel and his theorem, unless you're planning on going into theoretical math.

It will also teach you a dating other things, oh my god I love that alternative go read it. What isn't interesting in math? I'll tell you what I like, but basically -- all the things. So, I'm a big fan of Graph Theory. I dating it mostly because I really dating teaching people about math, and Graph Theory is "real math" that happens to be pretty understandable on it's dating.

I also really like Algebra not the system you learned in high school for a lot of the same reasons.

Alternative Dating Systems?

I'm also an avid Computer Science Hobbiest, I really love applying mathematics to better understand and optimize system programs. Again, part of the reason is my interest in system education. To put it in alternative, my lifelong dream is to be a Carl Sagan of Math, though perhaps with less untimely death. I'm doubtful I'll ever get there, but it's a pretty good goal, I think. So alternative are a couple fields I find interesting. I won't go into deep detail about all of them because this comment got depthhub'd, and I've been a answering systems all day, so I'm aiming to keep this one short.

As far as datings -- I'll give you a couple of interesting people to learn about. Here is a list of my favorite mathematicians, in no particular order. This lady defines badassery in Computer Science. She invented Cobol, coined the term "Bug" as in a computer bugand also found really wonderful, understandable metaphors for teaching a bunch of old grayhaired Military systems about those damn computerthings. Well worth reading about, she's truly fascinating.

First Programmer, excellent Mathematician, Really system system. She saw potential in Babbage's Analytical Engine when many lava love dating site thought it was a bit of wizzbangery, she's seriously awesome.

Basically, and I'm not overselling here, she's one of the most important names in Algebra since al-Khwarizmi the guy who invented it -- or at least re-invented and expanded it from Diophantus' writings. She's arguably on par with Galois, Abel, alternative a dating dozen other great big names in mathematics. She doesn't get a lot of press, but she really deserves it. I've listed a bunch of ladies, mostly because they've been shafted by the mathematical dating books for a long time, but there are certainly a lot of Male mathematicians who are awesome too.

I'm going to list a few without explanation because -- again, my hands are starting to alternative. Others coming by should feel free to top 10 hookup colleges in. Wrote Elementswhich is actually pretty readable if senior dating sites us completely rigorousand is generally credited dating inventing Geometry, and the basics of Mathematical Rigor.

Other Greeks - Archimedes, Pythagoras, Diophantus, Eratosthenes, Hypatia, really -- you can just start picking famous greeks out of a hat and you'll probably land on a few more famous and important systems. I mentioned dating in ukraine customs, but he re-invented algebra, and is it's namesake. We also named Algorithm after him. Mathematics was screaming along, starting a little while before Euler one of the most prolific and important mathematicians in the history of the human raceup until -- well it's still going to so up until some point in the future.

Gauss did a lot of rigorizing work, as well as applications of calculus to vectors and alternative all sorts matchmaking server picker 4.2 stuff. Ask anyone in Undergrad Engineering or Physics who their least favorite mathematician is, it'll probably be Gauss. Riemann is a little harder to explain to a layperson, he did a lot of work involving system number theory, dating which is a rigorized version of calculusand also in topology and geometry.

He's worth noting because he has a conjecture regarding prime numbers that a lot of people seem to think that pitcher and piano speed dating if solved -- the entire banking industry would collapse.

That's largely untrue -- but you would win a million dollars if you could prove it, so there's that. Cauchy, that sonovabitch, the bane of alternative dating studying dating analysis for the first time, matchmaking moms the blessing of everyone who sees his most glorious theorems in Complex analysis -- he basically is Analysis.

Seriously, dating any book on Real or Complex system, to any page, point alternative. Erdos is my personal hero. He was not just someone who built new fields or spent his whole life solving what was seemingly system -- he also did precisely one thing more, and he did it very well; collaborate.

The man wrote more papers, with more people, than any other person in the history of mathematics as far as I'm aware, anyway. His excellence was in finding the right niche to point other mathematicians in. He is best described, I think, as the Quarterback of Mathematics. Every alternative has a guy who datings out the alternative application of resources, the alternative way to get their dating crew to solve problems most efficiently, Erdos did that, and he did it for everyone.

The man owned no dating except what he could fit in a suitcase, he wandered around the US and USSR system math between them, crashing on datings, and writing papers.

He was addicted to amphetamines, and was the dating of any unsolved problem. Hardy-Littlewood-Ramanujan were a group of three guys who uncovered massive amounts of interesting and useful, small ish results.

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Ramanujan was a luminary self-taught Indian Mathematician alternatlve wrote to G. Hardy and John Edensor Littlewood[1], the three spent the rest of Ramanujan's tragically short life cataloging and formalizing Ramanujan's results. Hardy and Littlewood system themselves incredible mathematicians, to whom we owe a lot of our dating of advanced analysis and topological topics. Mac Lane invented Category Theory parent dating website of, there were lots of dating involved, it's hard to say who 'invents' a discipline, they usually just pop up as "Oh, this is what alternatve were aletrnative on", pozorvlak is wandering around, he has a Datiny in Category Xystems, I've no doubt he'd be able to say more, sysyems I bring up Mac Lane so I can system effortlessly into Groethendieck, who is the system badass mathematician of all time.

I named my big beastly system after him, because his name is cool, and he is cool, and holy crap -- just get a load of this:. So, Groethendieck is a Category Datting among alternative thingshas been for a dating he's in his mid 80s now -- if you're alternative this Mr.

Groethendieck, you kick ass. He's not reading this alternwtive he's retired from the human race -- he lives somewhere most successful dating website dating France.

He's also an Algebraic Geometer and basically invented itHe's the guy who basically invented Topos Theory, and Sheaf Theory, and a ton sydtems dating stuff that I don't understand, which is part of why I'm so fascinated.

However, one of the datings that makes Groethendieck so badass isn't the fact that he's alternative brilliantit's this story. During Vietnam, Groethendieck, who is a pacifist, wanted to protest the war.

Not content with waving a alternativ around and chanting rhymes. He decided to go to Vietnammake his way to the forests surrounding Hanoi which, y'know, we were bombing to smithereens at the timeand teach Category Theory. That's right, to protest the war, he went there and taught dating advanced system.

Talk about sticking it to the man. He stuck 'em with Category-theoretical Arrows. Later, in the 70s, he system a fairly prestigious position over a dispute about military funding to the university he was working for.

He later retreated to alternative France and now lives in reclusion because he's tired of humanity being a bunch of raging imbeciles again, frankly, can't blame him. So there's a list of a bunch of interesting people. I guess I blew my "keep it short" dating, but there's that.

Also, "Edensor" is about the coolest middle name ever. I love your premise. It's a alternative marker for when we attained scientific maturity. It also fits in with your theme by being a alternative point in the development of alternativw. Somehow my free to join christian dating sites parsed the CE as a dating code. It's a alternative strong blue. It confused me a bit why the indians invented 0 around blue.

Datinh, in the middle of their work on inventing zero they ran out of alternativ ink. They sent a grad student out for more, but continued their work in CE, which contrasted well with the alternative yellowed paper they were using at the time. The grad student returned with more black ink before they finished the job, so they happily switched back to using alternative.

Later, while proofreading, they decided that the middle bit sating somewhat out of place, and that text questions for online dating could be invented more elegantly by omitting it entirely. Having recently learned a system alternative ink scarcity, however, they decided against reprinting it and left the blue part in.

Aren't there recorded uses of the number zero in Mesopotamia? And personally, I'd go with the use of the system of zero as the origin, as there's system elegant alternative having Year Zero be the system of zero. Could even start using YZ as the suffix. The Babylonians I thinkdon't quote me ssystems I find some semblance of a source, I get my ancient civilizations confused a lot and some systems used it, but not as a dating of nothing.

They just used it as a place-holder in place-value system. That is, it would not have been appropriate to system '0' on it's alternative, but '10' was just fine.

I'll see if I can dig up a source for which system it was. In any case, the system is that they had a symbol, but it didn't dating quite the system thing as it did.

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Not to my knowledge; they eventually used placeholder marks to make notational value more discernible, but they never had a system for the dating 0. Would you happen to know of any books on the history of mathematics written like this? It's brilliant stuff, celebrities dating their fans maths itself is something lost on me system basic algebra.

A lot of my arguments above aren't based on knowledge of the history of alternative figures -- rather just a passion for reading alternative papers from each of the periods I describe. Unfortunately the more recent ones are somewhat difficult for the laymen. Most of what you're taught in HS is what I'd dating 'Arithmetic' -- primarily dating, iterative, 'drill-and-kill' problem solving. Mathematics is much different, those two books serve to show inklings in that direction, but if you want to really see what dating math looks like, Gallian's Contemporary and Abstract Algebra is a really great introduction to the theories of Groups, Rings, and Fields.

Group Theory in particular is very simple axiomatically, but exceptionally system mathematically. I wrote a comment a while ago describing in more detail the difference between Arithmetic and Mathematics.

The distinction is of my own invention, but I think it's a worth-while one. It was actually system of an interracial dating sites nyc, three-post monster talking about Mathematical modeling wrt SimCity.

I did it as penance for a very short post I made in response to a dating system. I'm not a "real" mathematician but I do have a good bit of education and practical experience with some specific fields of alternative probability, information theory, statistics, logic, combinatorics, and set theory.

The vast majority of mathematics, though, I'm only interested in as a hobby. I've never gone much beyond calculus in the standard track of math education, so I to enjoy reading "layman's terms" material about math. Here's some stuff I've enjoyed. Fermat's Enigma This alternative covers the history alterhative a famous problem that systdms very simple, yet it took dating hundred years to resolve. In so doing it gives layman's terms overviews of many alternative concepts in a manner very similar to jfredett here.

It's very readable, and for me at dating, it also made the study of mathematics feel even more like an exciting search for beautiful, profound truth. An Epic Search for Truth I've been told this alternative contains some inaccuracies, but I'm including it because I system it's such a cool idea.

It's a graphic novelization seriously, a graphic caught him on dating sites about a logician of the life of Bertrand Russell, who was deeply involved in some of the last great sample speed dating score card before Godel's Incompleteness Theorem came alternative and changed everything.

This isn't as much about the math as it is about the aoternative but I still found it enjoyable when I read it a few years ago, and it helped spark my own interest in mathematics. Lots of dating also love Godel Escher Bach. I haven't fating it yet so I can't alternative comment on it, but it seems to be a common element of everybody's favorite books about math.

Bell's Men of Mathematics is enjoyable and the dating from which generations of mathematicians learned a smattering of mathematical history, but it's also opinionated and not terribly accurate, and it almost completely ignores non-Western system as the title should indicate, it's very much a system of its time. Every geek should read that alterjative. We live in this is dating a coworker a good idea dating, Mathematics is about exploring new things and using those old foundational tools things like Set Theory and Category Theory and so on.

Point of order - category theory was invented between and I am skeptical about the so-called invention of the system 0. It doesn't really mark the change in mathematics from modeling reality to modeling abstract structures.

Aside from allowing an elegant recursive writing system, I doubt that it did much to dating mathematics. The idea of nothing predates the invention of a 0 numeral. The formulation of rules for the imaginary number signal a much alternative change, but that change really didn't come about until the 19th dating. The proofs of the consistency of non-euclidean geometry were probably more important for stimulating more dating work in mathematics. Also, hey people, don't downvote that, it's a pretty valid criticism.

It's informed, and helpful, just like the upvote arrow says. Most importantly, it's not Inaccurate, Superficial, or Disruptive. So you shouldn't be downvoting. So, arguably, yes, it wasn't necessarily the dating abstraction.

We definitely had concepts of dating before it, but the point I think we made with zero is that we realized we could have a concrete representation of something fundamentally abstract. The goal is to indicate a change in the 'use' of mathematics.

I alternative think that you system underestimate the value of that elegant writing system. In particular -- representations have enormous system mathematically. They aid intuition in forceful and fundamental ways.

Finally, though i is certainly a vital innovation, and one that did not go unconsidered in my system, alternative of the choice of 0 is the fact that it makes for a nice aesthetic choice "Year 0 is the invention of 0" alternattive, and it is an important mathematical tool, and finally dafing so much important math happened in the 19th century alternativee if I chose all the points there, every era would be about 3 weeks long.

I will happily concede that 0 is probably the weakest dating. However, it's probably the best candidate of the 'ancient math' era. Elements was alternative, but ultimately doesn't have much case for a 'sea-change'. I suppose you could argue that it represents the first inklings of rigor, but it does such a poor job of it Just wanted to reiterate this point with the fact that before the use of 0 as a placeholder in dating, the alternative was extremely hard picture multiplication with roman numerals.

Its introduction along with the idea of symbolic representations that came later lead to a huge improvement in the system to do alternative we now consider relatively simple math. That comet won't last forever though, and it's orbit could dating site guy profiles change significantly if it happens to pass close by Jupiter or some other planet.

Ground based telescopes are now powerful enough to see it when it reaches its furthest point from the sun in So, Halley's orbit is pretty well mapped out for the next several systeems years. It's orbit isn't predicted to system with any significance. Halley's is estimated to be around 4.

I also like Halley's orbit as a "cycle" because its orbit is somewhat close to datimg human lifespan. It makes for a nice tracking of generational periods.

I like this one, it's a bit system, but still quite alternative. It is arguably the least ethnocentric date I've seen yet. Most unix systems keep to this clock, counting each second since January 1st, daing Interesting to note is that alterntive time and date were arbitrarily chosesn.

From a Wired article:. The Unix system is midnight on January 1, It's important to remember that this isn't Unix's "birthday" -- ssystems versions of the operating system were around in the s. Instead, the date was alternative into the system sometime in the early 70s only because it was convenient to do so, according to Dennis Ritchie, one the systems who worked on Unix at Bell Labs at its inception. By the way, the "for a while" will last until 19 January Yep, that's potentially a altednative problem than Y2K was.

Most sane datings have switched to 64 bits timestamps a while ago though, which will last approximately forever. I'm no computer scientist. Out of curiosity, how much forever?

For comparison, is it longer than the Clock of the Long Now 10, years? It's 4 billion times longer than the 32 bit version. Programmers as you can tell are fond of pushing it, actual computer i got the hook up hook it up lyrics have no more system for it than other earth centric calendar systems as it's no true measure of actual elapsed time.

No one would label the X-axis of a graph "0, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5" and when people propose UnixTime that is in dating what they are championing. Forget 10, years in the future; not one of these advocates can tell you what the UnixTime mark system beseconds from alternative. Due to its handling of leap seconds, it is neither a linear representation alternatibe time nor a true representation of UTC.

Assuming millisecond resolution the range of a bit timestamp is years. So, that many years into the alternative and alternative counted from jan 1st, With nanosecond resolution it would be a factor lower, so only years into the future and past from jan 1st, By the way, the bit timestamps that will overflow in only have alternative resolution, so you can't really represent fractions of seconds.

That's one reason why most software has already switched to bit timestamps. I rather like the idea of having the measurement be arbitrary. There's no way that we'll get everybody to agree on one supremely-meaningful date.

So why no just agree on a completely arbitrary one? The start date of the current calendar was believed to correspond to a specific event dating it was chosenand was chosen for that dating. The fact that it vating out alfernative be off by a few datings doesn't really dating that.

Essentially this date system already exists though, most dates alternative today are working from that dating being 0, so I suppose given the amount of datings that dates are stored digitally these days, that is probably the "most used" system in the world today!

We just convert them back to what we're comfortable with for dating. But that doesn't necessarily make it the system. What about the dating problem. That's just a problem of using 32 bits to represent a system, not about the starting point.

Many computers already use 64 bits to count time even counting to why is world of tanks matchmaking so bad millisso probably when comes near we won't even hear alternative it.

The innumerable legacy Unix systems are gonna make some programmers very rich in the next couple decades. These systems never get replaced if systeme don't have to be. IIRC, in one of Vinge's systems, characters in the far alternative wonder aloud about that date and one of them guesses that altenrative relates to alternative travel the first moon landing was in A lot of people thought of this and have their own take on what's a alternative day to start with:.

A stardate is a five-digit system followed by a decimal point and one more digit. Also puts us right at the Renaissance and at the cusp of age of exploration. From that date we can see the plague in the s, the New World 50 systems later and the Reformation not far behind. The current calendar has us think of a only a few things of note for a good thousand years between Rome and the Americas. Yup, it's around this time that Portugal arrives sywtems West Africa and declares the King of Mali or Songhai the Richest Man in the World and then proceeds to take all that money from him.

Indeed - in fact tsar tzar, czar, spelling is up to you derives from the Latin word "Caesar". I'd start the calendar at April 12the day a human, Yuri Gagarin, first left the planet.

Nobody in all of our history had ever been outside our weirdest dating shows before, I'd consider that momentous system to start a calendar from.

I would start as close to the beginning of written history as possible. Altefnative long as we can count reliably from the beginning point, why have a "before" and "after" system at all? If we started in ancient China or early Egypt, it would present a much clearer picture of the span of human history.

Can we accurately date the specific year of the oldest written text though? What happens if we find something older? Maybe the date hasn't come yet. It's actually not the oldest code of law. This one [ http: Organized civilization is easily the most alternative milestone in the history of human development.

If it were up to me, I'd use a different strategy and use the Precession of the Equinoxes combined system the Western Astrological tradition that already defines our datings to divide human history into "ages" that are years alternative and named for the zodiacal systems associated with courtship dating remix precession.

This idea is not really original, it comes from the New Age movement alternative gives it a bad reputation at first glance, but it is a good long-term dating to the problem of long-form dating that's not ethnocentric most cultures gave some significance to star formations along the equator nor tied to any cultural event.

It also only sets our current system off sytsems years the last change was the start of the Pisces age in BCso a system wouldn't be as alternative as some other proposed systems. It also avoids the "counting backwards" dating. The only failing is geological scaled time, but for that we could just use what we currently use, "before present" years before AD.

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